Mindful Ventures seeks entrepreneurs who possess a vision and a clear understanding of business, technology, and market opportunities. Like minds with a passion for success and a vision for the future that sustains them through the challenges of building a great company.

  • We value teams with broad experience and we recognize that early stage companies rarely have all the expertise they desire.
  • We leverage our network and internal expertise, entrepreneurs in residence to assemble a leadership team that is driven to succeed.
  • We seek innovations and innovators that are mindfully unique, with a focus on breakthrough products, services and technologies.
  • We evaluate the climate for competitive advantage and determine a path to intellectual property protection.
  • We seek large market opportunities, new companies, and emerging technology in the areas of Energy, Technology, Telecommunication, BioTech, and Emerging Healthcare Solutions.

Are You Mindful?

We think being invested goes beyond providing financial support. It’s about rolling up our sleeves and collaborating with entrepreneurs toward a common goal.

We seek Visionary Companies that target major opportunities to make bold and meaningful improvements to life.
Mindful Ventures is comprised of successful business people, and we leverage expertise and networks to support creation and growth.
We consider investing when you combine Market Opportunity, Technology Differentiation, and Business Models with a Team Dynamic.